New data mined by the Adzuna boffins this month shows that startups around Britain,  including east London’s Silicon Roundabout/Tech City cluster, are hiring more than ever before with 4,753 positions currently advertised, up 44% since 2012.

Software developers are in hot demand with 1,473 jobs currently on offer (+31% since 2012), with marketing roles second at 1,142 (+78% on 2012) and product at 570 (+8% on 2012).

Successful startups like OnefinestayWonga and Hailo are leading the charge when it comes to hiring in London – there are over 100 open roles at these companies.

As for what they offer, UK tech startups now compete on salary for the best people – suggesting that the traditional advantage banks and bigger technology companies have held over startups is lessening in importance.

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