We’re into a new year and, as always, social media never sleeps. This month, it has come up with some brilliant new highlights, and our top 3 include one from 3 of the major social media sites: Facebook’s new Graph Search feature, Twitter’s new Vine video app (and its problems) and the end of another LinkedIn section – Answers. Make sure you let us know your thoughts and highlights in the comments below or via Twitter (@UndercoverRec).

Facebook Graph Search

Photo credit: thedrum.comThis month, there was a lot of speculation over Facebook’s next big announcement, with some saying it would be a search engine to rival Google. Graph Search was finally unveiled on the 15th, and shown to be the next tool in the Facebook empire, with Wired calling it Facebook’s “bold, compelling and scary engine of discovery”.

Graph Search offers users the chance to search information which has been shared with them via three ways: either by their Facebook friends, by friends of friends or publicly. Glen Cathy outlines that this privacy issue is the reason why Facebook Graph Search is no threat to Linked yet, whereas ere.net have stated it is the future of social recruitment – which will it be? Will it stand in the same ground as LinkedIn (where not everyone uses it to its full capacity and not everyone is a fan)? Will it take over LinkedIn and other such giants? Mario Sundar compared Graph Search with other websites and found the key is expertise.

Like!In another case, what does Facebook Graph Search mean for brands? PR Daily have outlined two main points:

  1. Likes will become valuable again
  2. It opens up a new way for advertisement

We’re yet to have a go on the Graph Search (it has not been launched to the public just yet, but you can find out more and join the waiting list via this link here). However, we look forward to seeing how people, recruiters and brands will all use it.

In related Facebook news, they are also testing a single Timeline format which pulls all posts into one column. Could it work? Maybe. Are all these Facebook changes becoming annoying? Definitely. We’ll see how this one turns out (if it goes public)…


VineThis month Twitter launched their recently acquired video start-up Vine. In a similar fashion to Twitter’s 140 character limit on tweets, Vine has a six second limit on their looping videos. However, the app hasn’t been without its fair share of problems, as Facebook has already cut off friend-finding abilities, and less-than-friendly content has been made readily available using the hashtags system – which caused Twitter to start censoring certain searches, with a clip even becoming ‘Editor’s Pick’ (oops!).

We gave Vine a try, and we love it:


It’s easy to use, works well in tweets and is an interesting concept. Due to its problems, there are threats that Apple may get rid of Vine (they already did the same to photo-sharing site 500px), and it hasn’t been live for long! Will Twitter iron out all the problems? Can it be made family friendly? @LisaMBeresford on Twitter made an interesting point that “people will just copy each other”. There is only so much you can do in six seconds, and only a certain amount of topics to cover, however we hope that Vine becomes the Instagram for video and is a hub of creative work!

Farewell LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn AnswersAfter LinkedIn Events was retired in November 2012, LinkedIn announced this month that LinkedIn Answers will be no more. Their explanation is as follows:

We’ll be focusing our efforts on the development of new and more engaging ways to share and discuss professional topics across LinkedIn.

Why are LinkedIn retiring all these features? They do mention that users “can still pose questions…through…Polls, Groups or status updates”, but are these the same? LinkedIn was a hub for each question, whereas Polls are short and Group discussions and status updates dissapear.

Pam Ann Marketing thinks LinkedIn have removed their “best feature”, due to its credibility (LinkedIn’s professional user-base), focus and organisation (as mentioned above) – we agree! In Answers’ absence, there are worthy alternatives, and here are 5 alternatives. We’re big fans of Quora here at Link Humans, and agree with Venturebeat saying now is Quora’s “time to shine”! Could LinkedIn be integrating Quora further into their system? We’ll have to wait and see.

Other Social Media Snippets & Updates

We hope there is something of interest to everyone this month. We’re looking forward to seeing what Graph Search, Vine and LinkedIn have in store for the future ahead!

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