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How often do you get to chat with someone who’s a true pioneer? We just had a chat with the first (we think) personal branding consultant in Japan, our great friend Peter Sterlacci who is based in Kyoto, Japan.

Peter is an American based in Japan for over ten years and he is quickly becoming that country’s go-to guy for personal branding. Being a long-term resident in a country where ‘fitting in’ is the cultural norm, Peter understands the challenges facing Japanese professionals to ‘stand-out’. He is dedicated to empowering on-the-move careerists in global companies in Japan to ‘break away’ from the pack and ride to success.

As you can tell by the picture above he loves his bicycling and nicely embeds this passion into his own brand. See what he had to say here and be sure to check out his guest post How Personal Branding is Just Like Riding a Bike.

Another interview covering personal branding is with Joshua Waldman, see more at How To Get a Job Using Social Media [Dummy or Not].

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