It’s conference season again… London is gearing up for LinkedIn Talent Connect, Amsterdam for HR Tech Europe, Paris for the RMS Conference (run by our French Link Humans brethren).

But you know what, if you have seen enough slideshows and technology pitches in your day, why don’t you come down to truLondon on 22-23 Oct instead!

What exactly is truLondon?

Nobody knows. Well, the organiser (or un-organiser as he is hilariously labelled) Bill Boorman would say something like:

“An unconference is a gathering of minds, experiences and opinions where the attendees (or active participants) lead the conversation. We don’t have Powerpoint presentations because we want the eyes to meet in the middle and everyone to have the floor. Each track (session), has leaders with a background in the topic, but their job is to start the conversation. No name badges because we believe that if you don’t know who someone is you should introduce yourself and start talking”.

None the wiser? Good.

Expect this

  • Lots of people in the industry gossiping about other people in the industry
  • The tracks you want to attend will all be running at the same time
  • Your track (surely you are a track leader?) will be hijacked by someone going off on a tangent
  • You’ll have a lunch at a curry house on Brick Lane and come back reeking of cumin and tumeric
  • Andy Headworth making sci-fi analogies to social recruiting
  • Bill Boorman wearing dodgy hats & t-shirts
  • Americans going on about resumes, until someone says ‘I thought this was the CV track?’
  • The world’s best sourcing specialists (geeks that is) in lab coats (see them here already)
  • Expect to have a full-0n experience and it’ll take you a few days to digest everything you learned

Expect the unexpected

What I like about truLondon and truAnywhereElse is that you never know what to expect (apart from the bullets above of course). For instance this year, I am apparently talking about blogging which sounds like fun actually.

Here’s what else Bill has to say to the dear readers of The Undercover Recruiter:

Hope to see you at the un-conference and be sure to say hello!

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