The new year is fast approaching, so as we have in previous years, we thought we’d take the opportunity to look back over the last year of fantastic content and celebrate some of the best Undercover Recruiter articles from the last 12 months!

A huge thank you to all of our brilliant bloggers, we can’t wait to read what you come up with in 2016!

Here’s our countdown of the top 15 posts of 2015:

15) LinkedIn is Not the Ultimate Career Site, Twitter Is

By Katherine Halek

The uses and benefits of Twitter are endless and it can be an invaluable tool in recruitment, from both the job seekers and recruiter’s perspective. Katherine even argues that it functions as a better professional network than LinkedIn! Find out why in LinkedIn is Not the Ultimate Career Site, Twitter Is.

14) What is the Most Overlooked Aspect of the Job Hunt?

By Stefan Mancevski

Organisation is possibly the most crucial factor in your job search. Without it, you may find it hard to stay on top of your job hunt and it could be jeopardising your chances of landing yourself that dream opportunity. In What is the Most Overlooked Aspect of the Job Hunt? Stefan explains exactly why it’s so important to remain organised and the steps you can take to improving your organisation.

13) 10 Mistakes Keeping You Away from Your Dream Job

By Madeleine Allan

People make countless mistakes during their job search process which costs them a lot of time, effort and even money. Madeleine’s article about the 10 Mistakes Keeping You Away From Your Dream Job outlines some of the most common errors made my job seekers and what you should avoid doing if you want to succeed in your job search.

12) 12 Ways to Speed Up Your Job Search

By Sarah Landrum

Finding a job can be incredibly time consuming and in many ways can feel like a full-time job in itself! Even when you’re super organised on your end, you sometimes have to wait a long time for employers to make their decisions and get the process moving. Luckily, there are ways to expedite the process. Sarah gave us her 12 top tips for speeding up your job search. 

11) The Daily Routines of Highly Successful People

By Mark Porter

‘Routine’ – The word can bring to mind negative connotations of a forced environment or ‘stuck in a rut’ behaviour. However that doesn’t have to be the case…Mark provides us with a few insights about what how a regular routine can help us remain focused, healthy and happy in his article about the daily routines of highly successful people.

10) 4 Behaviors of High Performers

By Ken Sundheim

High performers reach their professional goals not simply because of who they are or whom they know, but more often because of what they do. Ken shed some light on 4 of the top behaviours of high performers that lead to their success, to provide us with a little inspiration.

9)  Top 7 Characteristics that Interviewers Hate

By Marwa Hijazi
In a job interview it’s important that you make a good impression on your interviewer and present yourself as the strongest candidate in the running, so it is essential to know what mannerisms and behaviours can hurt your chances of being chosen for the position. Marwa provided us with the top 7 characteristics that interviewers hate, so job seekers know what to avoid!

8) The Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn Job Hunting

By Chadd Balbi

LinkedIn can be an invaluable tool for finding out about current vacancies and applying for jobs; however if you are going to use the tool you need to use it correctly in order to be successful with it. Chadd made a list of the do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn job hunting, so you can get the most out of the platform as a job seeker.

7) 10 Tips for Successful Negotiating

By Frank Dadah

Throughout the course of our daily lives we are negotiating with everyone around us. Whether you relish the art of negotiating or dread the thought of it, there are ways to make the process and outcome a positive one in a professional setting. Here are Frank’s 10 tips that can help you succeed in your next negotiating session.

6) How to Deal with Recruiter Calls, Walking Dead Style 

By Will Thompson

Will isn’t insinuating that recruiters are all like brain-eating zombies, but there are a few lessons to be learnt from zombie based TV show the Walking Dead! Rick Grimes, the leader of the survivors group the show focuses around requires that before another human being may be allowed to join the survivors group, they must answer three simple questions. So how could this strategy be adopted for when communicating with recruiters?

5) How to Survive the Waiting Game After an Interview

By Lizzi Hart

It’s amazing how many parallels can be drawn between a job and a relationship; there are the faux pas on when and when not to follow up, the need to contain your enthusiasm and the importance of playing it ‘cool’. Lizzi explained exactly how to survive the waiting game after a job interview, to avoid coming on too strong or uninterested.

4) 5 Things Candidates Really Want from Job Postings

By Robyn Melhuish

If you belong to the 75 percent of HR managers who are struggling to attract and recruit quality employees, it’s time to start considering what job seekers are looking for. Luckily Robyn was here to lend a hand, by revealing the 5 things that candidates want from a job posting. 

3) Rejection Review – 7 Reasons For Not Getting the Job

By Andy Preisler

You might think you’re doing everything right in the lead up to a job interview, from preparing answers to commonly asked questions, to buying a new suit; yet you’re still receiving the dreading rejection emails time after time. If you’re not sure where you’re going wrong, Andy has come up with a few of the possible mistakes that could be costing you the job.

2) 5 Steps to Getting a Job Abroad

By Sarah Collins

Considering the current economic climate and expanding globalization, working abroad can be a great opportunity to spice up your resume, gain new valuable experiences and explore your target country. If you’d like to expand your job search outside of your country in the , here are Sarah’s 6 steps to getting a job abroad!

1) The 8 Things No Recruiter (Ever) Wants To See On Your Resume

By Liam Coleman

Your resume is essential to helping you get a job – you’re unlikely to get far without it. It’s important that your resume reflects who you are, but occasionally people take this a step too far! Liam gives up some top advice about where the professional and the strictly personal overlap and what you should leave out of your resume to avoid a CV TMI!

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