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Out with the old and in with the new! There is nothing like a fresh start and there is no time like the present to turn your dreams in to reality. Start with composing a new cover letter that a.) gets read, b.) gets you an interview and c.) results in you landing that job you were thinking about all of last year.

Companies are keen to take on qualified job seekers no matter what the economy is like, as long as the new member of staff will add value to the organization. Make it easy for a hiring manager firing over a winning cover letter that puts you in pole position.

One way of making your document punchier and more to the point is to cut out all the clutter in your cover letter. Hone in on the important bits and cut out the rest. You want the cover letter to sound like a conversation, so keep the sentences brief, simple and candid.

3 steps to creating a punchy and clutter free cover letter:


“Thank you for posting this vacancy for a software sales manager covering small and medium sized enterprises. I feel I am qualified and welcome the opportunity to meet up for an interview. I am keen to lean about your company, your products and services and how I can contribute to reaching your goals.”


“I have a passion for sales and management and I know how to turn a decent salesperson into a great one.”


“I have worked in software sales for the last 9 years and I know most of the vendors, consulting partners and customers in the market. I have a good understanding of what customers really want and how to make the decision easy for them.”

Look at the difference between the previous example and this one:

“Pursuant to the listing you posted on I am responding herewith in hopes that you will provide me with ample consideration regarding the potential possibility of my being granted an interview with the high expectation of being hired for said stated employment . . .”

Stamp the clutter out of your cover letter by treating the employer as a friend, someone you are actually helping out and that will want to work with you. Remember that the hiring manager wants to fill the position as soon as possible, so do them the favor of communicating a brief, simple and candid cover letter that they find of interest.


Read the letter out aloud over and over; delete any weedy words, heavy sentences, pompous phrases. You will want to rewrite until the text sounds like it’s your own, showing off your personality. When it’s finally done, you can go and chase that dream job and make the new year your best year ever!

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