‘Twas a busy month here on the blog, so busy in fact that we are late with the monthly recap.

Here goes the most popular blog posts from the month of March 2012:

1. How To Use Pinterest for Social Recruiting [Cool Example]
See how a London based recruitment agency uses Pinterest to recruit internally.

2. Top 7 Qualities Employers are Looking for in Candidates
A very popular guest post by our friend Brian Tracy.

3. INFOGRAPHIC: LinkedIn User Statistics by Profiles, Groups, Networks
No month is complete without a LinkedIn infographic.

4. How To Create an ‘Alternative’ Resume on Prezi
Sick of boring resumes? Check this Prezi resume out by Maria Ortiz.

5. How To Interview Candidates in 3D and Determine a Cultural Fit
Forget Avatar, this is about checking out your candidates from all angles. 

6. How To Use Facebook for Professional Networking
Are you still treating Facebook like a place for friends and family?

7. What if an Employer Requests my Facebook Password?
Just in case you find yourself in this situation, see what the law has to say.

8. How To Use Google Plus for Professional Networking
When you’re done with Facebook it’s time for G+.

9. Creative Resumes: How Much is Too Much?
If the Prezi resume didn’t float your boat, here’s the post for you.

10. How To Create a Memorable Elevator Pitch in 4 Simple Steps
Develop a pitch to ‘elevate’ your career…

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