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Standing out from the crowd in such a competitive job market can be tough and sometimes you need to up your game a bit and do something that will give you a bit of an edge on the other applicants.

Employers will see dozens or even hundreds of resumes when filling a position at their company and if you’re not careful it’s easy for yours to slip through the net. You need to demonstrate a quality that will mark you a peg above the rest and by giving your resume a bit of a creative revamp you increase your chances of getting noticed.

Of course, different industries have different requirements from job applicants and anything too extravagant may not be suitable, however this does not mean that you shouldn’t spend time on formatting and presenting your resume in as professional a way as possible.

For creative industries however, the more unusual, the better and it is your chance to really demonstrate your skills. Graphic design is certainly an area that you can really excel in through producing a unique resume. Here are a few examples of what some job seekers have done already.

Really stand out with a 3D resume:


Think outside the box. Or inside:


Let your choice of material reflect your hobbies:


Sell your skills in a brochure:

 Turn your CV into a magazine:


By: Euie

Go digital:


Wear your resume:


Give your resume authenticity:


Create a personal promo pack:


Let Google do the talking:

Seek inspiration from other brands:


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Senior Account Executive at Link Humans, an employer branding agency.

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