Our friends at LinkedIn recently released a report on the US staffing trends, now it’s time to have a look at the trends for Southeast Asia in 2015.

An increasingly competitive recruitment landscape has seen recruiters work hard to get ahead. In LinkedIn’s Southeast Asia Staffing Trends Report, 29% of respondents said “building strong talent pools or pipelines” is the one thing their competitors have done or may plan on doing that would make them nervous.

Top 3 Trends for staffing in Southeast Asia

  1. Social networks, and more precisely social professional networks are now the top source of hires for Southeast Asian staffing firms. This in essence means LinkedIn, possibly Viadeo if you happen to recruit in China and maybe Xing if you have a German-speaking client. Traditional sources like job boards have had a good run but it’s definitely in decline. More at Do Job Boards Still Matter?
  2. Branding, most firms agree in principle on the importance of building their brand and now their actions are catching up. The stats are very clear: 78% of respondents agreed that their brand has a significant impact on our ability to grow our business.
  3. Passive candidate sourcing, staffing firms in Southeast Asia are increasingly going after people who aren’t necessarily looking for their next job. This of course ties in to the first trend, the beauty of social networks is that you can engage and attract passive talent. Most professionals in the region consider themselves passive candidates, only 12% are super passive and not open to opportunities at all.

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