In the month of March, there was a number of changes across all social media (when isn’t there?).

We saw the rollout of a new Facebook News Feed design and Pages design, Twitter turned 8 with a new #FirstTweet feature, photo tagging and got blocked in Turkey and LinkedIn removed more features and celebrated 15 million users in the UK.

Read on for the latest Social Media Round-Up…


Facebook this month announced two major changes – a redesign for both their News Feed and Pages.

The first to arrive was a new look News Feed – and finally, it is a design that will appeal to everyone. After announcing a redesign a year ago (which they described as a “personalised newspaper” – as reported by AllFacebook and ourselves in our Social Media Round-Up last year) with a greater emphasis on pictures, the team at Facebook decided the update didn’t work with all users’ computers and laptops (according to the site’s product design director Julie Zhuo) and subsequently scrapped the idea.

Zhuo explained that “low-res, small screens are more common across the world” than the sharp, high-res screens which a lot of people own. It was on these smaller screens that the redesign did not work well – and the change wasn’t because the redesign would have generated less advertising revenue, a claim made by entrepreneur Dustin Curtis – as it would have in fact been better for revenue. The redesign planned for last March can be seen to the right.

The latest redesign, rolled out to most users this month had the “best of both worlds” – the layout and navigation which people enjoyed, but with larger images and a new font – it also leaves content and ads alone.


(Source: Facebook)

What do you think of the new Facebook look? We think the tweet below sums up a lot of thoughts. Let us know yours in the comments or on our Facebook page!

Facebook Pages

(Source: Facebook)

The second update was a new ‘streamlined look’ for Pages on desktop. Facebook explained that this new look “will make it easier for people to find the information they want” and it will give the Page administrators an easier job as they can find the tools they use most quickest.

The changes included in the update were an updated timeline design (displaying all posts); a left column filled with information, photos and videos about your business and easier access to admin tools and menus.

Facebook have reportedly said the layout will be rolling out over the next few weeks and that apps will appear in the top menu or left column (according to Marketing Land).


Happy birthday to Twitter, which celebrated its 8th birthday this month (you can see what happened on their 7th birthday in our Social Media Round-Up from 2013 here). To celebrate, Twitter launched a #FirstTweet tool – simply by visiting the First Tweets website and entering your username, you will be taken straight to your first tweet. Here’s ours:

Our friends at the Media Octopus also published an infographic about Twitter’s 8 years and some #FirstTweet’s of famous figures. What was your #FirstTweet? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter (@UndercoverRec). SocialRank also unveiled a tool which allows users to see their #FirstFollower – who was yours?

The other big news of the month for Twitter was the changes (and possible changes). Tweets are now allowed to have up to 4 photos included and photo tagging has been installed on the social network on their Android and iOS versions. We gave it a go ourselves:

It’ll be interesting to see how brands start to use this tool! There are also rumours that Twitter may be swapping ‘Retweet’ for ‘Share’ – could we be seeing a move towards Facebook-style sharing? Some users expressed their outrage at the change:

Finally, as a lot of people will know, Twitter has been blocked in Turkey, apparently due to it acting “above the law” and ignoring court orders. Prime Minister Erdoğan announced plants to “eradicate” Twitter, however Twitter fought back by giving instructions to Turkish people who still wanted to tweet:

Will he eradicate Twitter? We don’t think so. Could another social network be next on the chop in Turkey? Who knows – we’ll have to wait and see!


There were two major moments from LinkedIn this month. The first was the retirement of Products and Services on LinkedIn Company Pages. We think this is a great idea – we very regularly use our Showcase Pages – however we’re sad to be losing all the recommendations of services! Dan Stasiewski of Business 2 Community agrees.

March was, however, a celebration for LinkedIn as they hit 15 million members in the UK. They celebrated by releasing an infographic which you can see by clicking below:

LinkedIn 15 million

LinkedIn UK were also very kind to send us some goodies – thanks guys:

Alongside launching Jorgen explored how LinkedIn has changed talent acquisition in the UK – an extremely interesting read.

What were your Social Media Moments from this month? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter (@UndercoverRec).

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