Welcome to the latest edition of our social media round up! We’re now around half way through the year and what a busy year it’s been. This month saw the launch of video on Instagram, causing a micro video war against Vine, and Facebook took a leaf out of Twitter’s book by introducing hashtags (something which LinkedIn should do next!). Here are our moments from the last month:

The Micro Video War: Instagram Video vs Vine:

This month’s big social media news was the introduction of video on Instagram.

Earlier in June, Vine introduced their application on the Android platform, and slowly brought it up to speed with the iOS version, by adding the usual aspects such as hashtags and Facebook integration. Then, only a few days later, Instagram announced on their official blog the introduction of video on their (up until now) photo based application – causing quite a stir:

InstagramThe war between Facebook and Twitter continued. Facebook own Instagram (having bought them for $1 billion in April 2012) and although it seemed that Instagram were (as we reported) “killing themselves off” at the end of last year, now maybe they’re fighting back. Vine, launched at the start of this year brought a new way to sharing videos – allowing only 6 seconds of film, easy editing and sharing via Twitter (who acquired them prior to the launch). However, users don’t want two video apps – so which one is better? Techcrunch compared the two and created this fantastic graphic:

Instagram vs Vine (TechCrunch)

VineAs can be seen from the table above, Instagram wins in terms of features – you have longer video length, filters, image stabilisation, the opportunity to choose a cover frame and more sharing capabilities. However – Vine wins in terms of the famous video loop, and the option to embed videos elsewhere. Plus, who really wants to watch 15 seconds of video? Is 6 seconds enough? I’m a real lover of Vine, I think it’s fun and creative, and think Instagram have ripped off the idea completely. However, Instagram can now be used for photo AND video – so saves even more time! Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below! Mashable published 6 reasons why Instagram Video beats Vine (which may sway your decision).

Since the launch, Instagram Video does seem to be having a damaging effect on Vine – with the number of Vine videos shared onto Twitter dropping by more than 50%. CNBC looked further into this in a study. In the first 24 hours since the launch, over 5 million Instagram videos were created, with Justin Bieber having the first video to reach 1 million likes. My Clever Agency have created a list of the top 10 brands using Instagram video – have you seen any good examples?

On the other side, The Drum don’t think that this is the end for Vine (I have to agree with them)! Although Instagram has a bigger user base, Vine has its own community which may carry it on through this rough patch. Plus, they are apparently working on new features (which they prepped just before the Instagram video launch) which may cause an even bigger stir. Who will come out victorious? Only time (either 6 or 15 seconds worth) will tell…

Facebook Hashtags Become a Reality:

Alongside launching video on Instagram, Facebook have been hard at work on their own site. After months of speculation, Facebook finally launched clickable hashtags with users clicking on hashtags being shown what other users have to say on that specific topic. You can hashtag anything – we’ve even done it for our monthly event Social Media London using #smlondon!

FacebookAre you a fan of hashtags? Or are Facebook again taking a Twitter idea and trying to make it their own! The Atlantic Wire says we should “love the Facebook hashtag already” due to the “organisational simplicity” and “enhanced search options” – however AdAge have found five things Facebook hashtags should include – with mobile being one of the most important parts. You can’t have something which doesn’t work on mobile – where most users will access sites such as Facebook and Twitter!

Will hashtags be useful for Facebook members? Gigaom say hashtags will be great for marketers but not so much for users – and EConsultancy are questioning, has Facebook just become Twitter? We’ll have to wait and see – they’ve introduced hashtags (something which begun on Twitter) and have copied Twitter’s video idea, what next? All the major networks have hashtags – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus – except LinkedIn, and we feel they should introduce them soon! Also, let us know your favourite Facebook hashtag in the comments below!

Some Momentos to Finish With:

  • Facebook Reader: Facebook is apparently working on a reader – but is it the new Google Reader (which dies out this month)? TechCrunch have looked further.
  • Twitter Analytics: Users now have the ability to check engagement on their tweets without using an outside application or platform, as Twitter have launched their own Analytics.

What has been your highlight of the last 30 days? Why not tell me using the comments below or tweeting me (@UndercoverRec). See you next month!

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