This month was relatively quiet in the social media world (maybe it’s the hot weather that we’ve been having?) – but there was still some big news from across the board. We said goodbye to another LinkedIn feature, SignalInstagram turned up the heat on Vine and Twitter have stopped autofollow bots. Read on to see our Social Media Round-Up from the month of July…

LinkedIn Signal is Dead:

LinkedIn SignalThere will be a large amount of people who read that title and think “LinkedIn Signal….what’s that?” – this seems to be the problem that has caused its demise.

Signal is a news discovery service which was launched in beta in September 2010 and enabled users to search through all the data on their network to get relevant information and insights – especially used by job seekers to find relevant jobs posted on recruiters’ status updates. Users however (after July 29th) can no longer search for updates and cannot access any of their saved searches. This follows the demise of other LinkedIn features (such as Events) – where are they all going and what are they going to become?

LinkedIn state that:

Although this feature will no longer be available, you’ll still be able to search for people, companies, keywords and jobs you are interested in, directly from your LinkedIn homepage, using the search bar.

linkedin-profile-how-toIt seems that LinkedIn Signal was unable to read through the noise and was instead buried by it – that the Beta two-year trial period is now up. Other applications (such as Twitter searching and improved Google technology) have killed off its use. However, some of its features, such as the search option, have been incorporated more widely into the site. Will it reappear as part of something new, or even as a premium service? We’ll have to wait and see!

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Instagram Introduces Web Embeds:

InstagramThe war between Facebook and Twitter continues, and the stakes get higher. After the introduction of video on their platform last month, Instagram have now taken another step out of Vine’s book by allowing web embeds. One way of Vine’s videos being shared easily was through embeds, especially on Twitter, and now Instagram has stolen this too! Which platform are you a fan of? Do you even use either or are you bored of this war? Let us know in the comments below!

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Twitter Removes Auto-Following:

Twitter platform SocialOomph announced on their blog this month that Twitter had switched off the ability for accounts to auto-follow back accounts which follow them first. These features now have to be manually accepted and although Twitter have not formally made an announcement about the change, a discussion with developers has uncovered that the aggressive, bulk auto-following technique carried out by many users using these platforms has caused this change.

Do you use auto-follows or any of these platforms? Some people find these (including automatic direct messaging) a nuisance and some accounts have even been suspended for aggressive following. However, it is Twitter trying to take away the people who aren’t using the service “fairly” and how they would want it to be used? This may be the first step in a long line of changes for the platform!

This is our Social Media Round-Up for this month – let us know your highlights in the comments below!

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