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tech-tuesdayWelcome to the first Social Media Round-Up of 2014, where we cover Facebook’s Trending release, Twitter’s new slick web design, Vine web profiles and URLs, the launch of Jelly and LinkedIn’s very strange ‘Activity’ feed’s disappearing act.

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The main news from Facebook this month was the launch of Trending:

(Source: Facebook)

Does it look familiar? After we teased it a few months ago, the very similar-looking-to-Twitter-Trending-Topics box ‘Trending’ has started to go live in various countries (and will be worldwide eventually) across Facebook. In the same way as EdgeRank was formed, topics are ‘Trending’ when public users, your friends and pages are talking about them on Facebook. However, so far, Celebrity Big Brother and Peter Andre have been in my Trending for a while, so hopefully it’ll become more useful!

Facebook explains Trending is a “new product” which will “help you discover the best content from all across Facebook”, but could it be useful for marketers? Will trending on Facebook have the same impact as trending on Twitter? Is it as simple? I think the use of the box, and especially hashtags, will take a lot to getting to. Hashtags have been a Twitter feature for so long that very few people use them on Facebook – so will Trending eventually be a success? We’ll have to wait and see.

As with all Facebook updates, users aren’t pleased with dna reporting users being ‘unhappy’ with the service (and Facebook saying it is a now permanent feature) and Tech2 reporting that users have already created groups against the new feature, with apps available that can block it from users’ newsfeeds. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Facebook is also celebrating its 10th birthday. See the important events and numbers in our infographic.


Twitter began the new year with a new web design, aligning the web interface with their mobile layout – an easier to reach ‘Compose Tweet’ box and bigger tabs:

Some were pleased with the new look…

Whilst other users noticed a look that was more akin to another social network:

What are your thoughts on the new look? Let us know via Twitter (@UndercoverRec)!



Vine, the Twitter-owned 6 second video site, introduced full web profiles, TV Mode and vanity URLs about a year after its launch. Happy Birthday Vine! TechCrunch noted that the TV Mode was for ‘binge watching’ as watching 6 second videos from various different people can become very easy to get distracted with!

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Jelly, a photo-driven social media app was launched this month by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. According to The Next Web, Jelly had 28,275 active users on its first day with over 100,000 questions asked in the first week. TNW gave a run down of how brands should be using the app and KO Marketing asks whether it is relevant for B2B marketers?

We’ve had a try and it works very well in using its Twitter integration. People get notified of users who need help with questions and its extremely easy to find answers. However, where does it go from here? Steve Cole tried to answer that question in his interesting post. Have you or your brand had any luck with Jelly yet? Let us know!


New-LinkedIn-Profile-ActivityFinally, it’s time to cover a hot topic that we’ve seen across Twitter this month – LinkedIn have got rid of the Activity feed on profiles! According to BrandLove, the feature was switched off in December last year, and caused quite a stir amongst many recruiters.

Why would they get rid of such a feature? Across 2013, LinkedIn killed a number of features – but this seems to be the strangest one so far. The Activity feed on profiles allows users an easy window into the mind of the person who’s profile it belongs to. The Red Rocket have pointed out that it is a step back in making their site sociable, where as Brandlove have listed work-arounds to see updates from the people you follow – still an annoying thing to do!

What are your thoughts on this and the various other news? As always, get in contact via Facebook or Twitter (@UndercoverRec).

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