We’ve come to the end of 2012, and as we say goodbye, it’s time to do our second Social Media Round Up of the year – you can read November’s round-up here. It’s been a busy month in the social media world, especially in terms of the Instagram vs Twitter war and new LinkedIn profiles amongst other exciting news!

Is it the end for Instagram?


Last month was a positive month for our favourite photo sharing website Instagram – with the introduction of web profiles in addition to the mobile application, however this month has not been so positive…

TweetFirstly, the integration between Twitter and Instagram was dropped. Photos which are shared via the Instagram application now only appear as simple links on the Twitter web and mobile platforms, instead of viewable images, as they were before. This means that Twitter users have to click through to see the images on the Instagram website – a move which drove a higher percentage of traffic to their website (in a way).

It has annoyed and alienated some fans (me included). One of the main points of social media is it’s easy and instant, having to click a link is extra effort which users do not want (I’ve started uploading the Instagram-created photos via my mobile Twitter application on my phone so that they are viewable images). Could this damage the brand enough? No, I don’t think so, but will this integration return? With the matter of Instagram being owned by Facebook, and Facebook and Twitter not being the best of friends – I doubt it, which is a shame!

Secondly, the brand released new terms and conditions which caused a stir when they stated they owned all rights to photos posted on the service, including the right to sell users’ photos to advertisers. This caused a uproar with many users deleting their accounts, a panic which caused Instagram to backtrack and post a blog post explaining they had used the wrong language in the legal terms and that had confused many users. However, websites were listing ways to delete Instagram accounts shortly after the first news broke – have you deleted yours?

What are the alternatives? There are many different photo editing software that host your photos and allow you to share to the various social networks:

  • Flickr – Flickr recently released their new iPhone app, making it easier to shoot, edit and share photos on-the-go. We have our own Flickr account, and love it – the only thing missing is a simple ‘Like’ button (the Favourite button is a bit complicated).
  • Snapseed – Earlier this month, Google acquired photo editing software Snapseed – a simple way to take photos, edit them and share. Could Google do with Snapseed what Facebook seem to have failed to have done with Instagram?

Have you deleted your Instagram account and moved elsewhere? Do you think there’s more around the corner? Let us know in the comments below!

Google+ Communities


This month saw the arrival of Google+ Communities, a way to talk about your likes and hobbies on Google’s social platform.

Google+ has always been the underdog in the social networks but seems to be creeping up with some innovative ideas – the profiles are clean, and these communities are well organised (with the ability to add different topics on the left, and easy moderation – see above for an example). We have yet to see where these will go, but we have a community for our Social Media London meet-up – feel free to join and comment!

Google+ does have some very interesting features – such as their hangouts – but what image will these communities take? It may be a professional image, but LinkedIn already has that covered. Only time will tell!

New LinkedIn Profiles

Linkedin Profile

Photo (c) LinkedIn

After a very long wait, and much deliberation, we finally have them – new LinkedIn profiles! Since LinkedIn’s announcement in October, a lot of the social media world has waited with baited breath to be switched over. The verdict: it’s great!

The profiles are a lot cleaner, more organised, and more about visuals then words – a point proven by the new feature of being able to (finally!) add media to your profile. Users are given a ‘Professional Gallery’ on their profiles, which contains all presentations, videos and other such media they have added in the different sections. Interactive profiles – we like it! And it’s much cleaner than with the applications (which were sadly taken away at the end of last month).

Will this work? Will LinkedIn change them again? I hope not – I’m just getting used to this one!

Social Media Tips

As a final bonus, and in case you missed them, we released two social media tips videos this month – one on how to get more retweets on Twitter and the other on producing the perfect LinkedIn status update. You can watch both below:


Those were our top 3 Social Media Moments for December – the ‘end’ of Instagram, Google+ Communities, and new LinkedIn profiles! What are your thoughts? Let us know by leaving a comment here or discuss it was us via Twitter – just tweet us @UndercoverRec. Have a very Merry Christmas and see you in 2013!

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