Summer – it’s been hot, hasn’t it? So has the social media world! LinkedIn has brought in a new groups look, kids and Universities, and Facebook have new features galore – including Embedded Posts, (possible) Trending Topics plus changes in the News Feed and brand rules. Here is our latest Social Media Round-Up:

LinkedInGroupsLinkedIn has over 2 million groups, with more than 8,000 new groups created every week. There are more than 200 conversations happening every minute, with users who use and post in groups getting (on average) 4 times the amount of profile views (source). This month, LinkedIn introduced a new look for its groups. The company put in:

“a new streamlined look that will give group managers and group members the ability to customize and visually differentiate their conversation space.”

So what changes have LinkedIn made?

  • Group administrators can now assign a banner to add excitement to the design (similar to their Company Pages banner).
  • The Top Influencers has been moved to the top and changed from a bar graph to scrolling set of pictures – much clearer!
  • There is a new Subgroups section that helps users find related groups which are related to the one they’re currently viewing.

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Is this a good move? We think so! Brafton tell us that the change is to create an improved user experience and will be beneficial for brands in the long term, with The Next Web feeling it is more inviting than the old, stale version and CNet saying the design is much “fresher”. We an Undercover Recruiter group on LinkedIn and we feel the changes are much cleaner than the old layout. What do you think? Let us know your comments below or vote in our poll.


This month also saw the announcement that LinkedIn is lowering its minimum age to 14 (in the United States), as well as adding University Pages – to aid students at every step of their career from start to finish. PolicyMic think University Pages may put the pressure on too early and could be damaging, but could it result in lost credibility for the site? Business 2 Community think so. CIO Today agree and think it is heading down the Facebook route – however HLN think it could encourage “more professional-targeted talk”.

The change of lowering the age to 14 has obviously brought up questions of safety – however there will be precautions – minors’ profiles will not appear in search engine results, their last names and date of births aren’t shown, and their photos will only be visible to first-degree connections. There will also be special links to safety and privacy information on minor’s pages. It has also started the discussion of whether LinkedIn is going the same way as websites such as MySpace (ie down the pan) – Tech Republic think it may be! Future Tense have called it the “Latest Terrifying Teen Tech Trend” – eek! Will it dilute the website? Could it help kids and teenagers become more professional earlier? We’ll have to wait and see…

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After launching them at the very end of last month (a little too late for July’s Social Media Round-Up…), Facebook opened Embedded Posts up to everyone this month (with several enhancements based on feedback). Users can now embed public posts onto other websites by copying a simple HTML code – and Facebook users can like, comment and share post directly on the embedded posts. It’s a step closer to bringing the rest of the web into Facebook – will they introduce this feature on mobile soon?

Facebook EdgeRank is dead – Facebook have updated their News Feed Ranking Algorithm with two new features – Story Bumping and Last Actor. This update ensures users will see more updates from people and pages they interact with. Search Engine Watch have explained the changes in more detail, with Mashable reporting that it will penalise pages which post “crappy memes”.


Marketing Pilgrim feel it will improve News Feed quality – but will it? Are Facebook making too many changes?

Could they be copying Twitter anymore? Techcrunch has reported that Facebook have been testing Trending Topics on a small number of US mobile website users, and are still in the very early stages of development. Will these become annoying? It’s just more noise in a very cluttered mobile news feed. Do people use hashtags?

However, Facebook did do something positive this month – in a move to “simplify” brand promotions, they’ve taken away the need for third-party applications. This means pages can now run Share/Like contests from their own pages – a very good move! Third party applications are never the strongest.

What were your Social Media Moments from this month? Let us know in the comments below or via Twitter (@UndercoverRec).

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