We’ve all woken up with that feeling of dread as your morning alarm goes off at an inhumanly hour. It’s made even worse if you wake up before the alarm lulled into the false security of thinking it’s the week, then beep beep beep…WRONG! IT’S MONDAY!

Unless you’re one of the rare species of morning people, you’d do just about anything to turn over and go back to sleep at this point. Unfortunately, this probably wouldn’t go down particularly well with your boss, so your best bet is to face the music.

Even if you love your job, there are days when frankly you’d much rather be doing something else. Imagine a world where “I’m falling behind on Game of Thrones” was actually a legitimate excuse for skiving off?

Here are 10 sick day excuses you wish would work.

1) I had one too many mid-week tequila shots.

What was meant to be a couple of quiet drinks after work escalated…quickly! We’re only human, right?

2) It’s sunny.

Surely it should be against the law to waste a genuinely nice, sunny day sat in an office? To the beer garden!

3) It’s raining.

That pavement looks pretty slippy, I think it would be a health and safety hazard for me to come in today. And well…”drowned rat” isn’t a good look either.

4) My bed feels extra comfy this morning.

I tried to get up this morning, but my duvet just wouldn’t let me go. I’m being held hostage for the foreseeable future.

5) The next episode of the series I’m binge watching looks too juicy to wait.

They left me on the cliff hanger of all cliff hangers and then preview reeled me in good and bad. This really is a matter of urgency now.

6) They killed off my favourite character and now I’m in mourning.

Thanks for letting me off yesterday, erm… I’m not going to make it in today either. I could do with some time to grieve.

7)  I’ve developed an allergy…to people.

Don’t cross me.

8) I’m having a bad hair day.

Nobody wants to see this. I’m doing this for the good of the public, not myself. I’m selfless like that.

9) My workout has immobilised me.

Spinning class is for masochists surely? I can’t move my legs.

10) Frankly, I just can’t face my job today.

I’ve been putting off that project for 2 weeks now, an extra day won’t hurt.

PS. Can somebody fetch me a cuppa?

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