Another month’s passed by and it’s time for a recap from the blog.

You may have noticed that we’ve undergone a revamp, we’ve migrated the site from Drupal to WordPress and updated the theme a bit (we’d love to get your feedback).

Here are the best bits of April 2012:

1. How Pinterest Can Help You Job Search [Example Resumes]
See how a few jobseekers use Pinterest to stimulate interest with employers.

2. How To Survive and Thrive in Your New Job [5 Useful Tactics]
Getting the job is only the beginning, now let’s work on your staying power.

3. How To Get a Cool Job in Social Media [Video & Slides]
Specialist recruiter Steve Ward’s presentation at Social Media London.

4. How To Build Your Personal Brand with Social Media [Infographic]
A listing of the most useful social networks for your personal brand.

5. The Psychology of Networking: How Some Appear Natural While Others Stutter
Do you find networking awkward? You’re not alone!

6. Are College Graduates in HR Setting Their Sights Too High?
See what a soon-to-be graduate in HR thinks about her career prospects.

7. How Disney and 5 other Top Employers Use Twitter to Recruit
See how UPS, Pepsico and Disney use Twitter for social recruiting.

8. 5 Ways To Uncover Your Personal Brand’s Strengths
A very useful post about finding your purpose before pushing out the message.

9. How NOT to Ask for a Raise or Promotion
See how not to screw up that all-important chat with the boss.

10. Do You Expect Too Much from Recruitment Agencies?
Recruitment agencies are being scrutinized in this post.

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