Ok, own up! Who’s guilty of leaving a passive aggressive note when one of your colleagues did something to wind you up?

When you’re working in close proximity day in day out, there’s no surprise that people get on each others nerves from time to time, whether it’s by eating someone else’s food from the communal fridge or when somebody’s favourite mug mysteriously goes missing. You could just confront the culprit about the issue…or you could scribble a narky message and leave it at the scene of the crime. Now which sounds like the easier less dauntingĀ option?

Whereas some may choose to stick to the point when jotting down their note, some are slightly more creative with their messages and I guess a bit of humour helps to lighten the mood! HereĀ are some of the hilarious passive aggressive notes that people have left in the workplace.

1) Nobody likes a food forager!

I think I have an idea about who was angry about their missing sandwich…

2) Daves unite!

A gift, for me? You shouldn’t have!

3)The picky pizza poacher

“I’ll just have one bite…no one will notice!”

4) When you sound like a woodland animal

No need to get prickly about it.

5) Rasta rage

No jammin’, no cry.

6) Crying kittens

Getting colleagues in line with a quick tug at the heartstrings! No seriously, stop making kittens cry!

7) The first ever crockery ransom

“I have a very particular set of skills…that make me a highly qualified Missing Plate Investigator…”


About Sophie Deering

Senior Account Executive at Link Humans, an employer branding agency.

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