It’s time for a LinkedIn Demographics and Statistics update by our friend Amodiovalerio Verde. The highlights of this 2012 update include:

• LinkedIn’s members have reached 147 million, although this figure is an approximation provided by LinkedIn

• The average user of LinkedIn is male (57.9%) and aged between 25 and 54 years (67.7%); compared to the previous year, the percentage of teenagers (18-24) has grown more than other age groups

• The 10 countries with most LinkedIn users: United States (58.5 million), India (13.3 million), United Kingdom (8.4 million), Brazil (6.8 million), Canada (5.1 million), France (3.2 million), Netherland (3.1 million), Italy (2.8 million), Australia (2.8 million) and Spain (2,6 million)

• In the 10 major countries is concentrated 79% of members, and 40% of all LinkedIn members reside in the United States

• By number of members, Brazil has overtaken Canada, France has overtaken Netherlands, Italy has overtaken Australia, compared with January 2011 data

• Compared to January 2011, LinkedIn’s member have grown by 45% worldwide

• The country with the strongest growth was Indonesia (+111%) followed by Turkey (+97.3%) and Brazil (+91.6%) while countries with a lower growth were Denmark (+23.5%), Finland (+22.7%) and Netherlands (+22.1%)

• Over 44% of LinkedIn’s users work in companies with more than 10,000 employees, in Asia the figure rises up to 57.3%

• 39% of the members is a Manager, Director, Owner, Chief Officer or Vice President

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Source: Amodiovalerio Verde

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