Today, I had a chat with Oliver Urpi who runs the site Recruitment Reviews.

Please tell us what Recruitment Reviews is all about?

Recruitment Reviews is the comparison website for the recruitment industry. We’ve had comparison websites for everything from TVs to holidays for years and so I thought it was about time Recruiters, and more importantly candidates, had their own.

When did you start the site and whom is it aimed at?

I originally had the idea for Recruitment Reviews about two years ago. My sister is a lawyer and was looking for a career change and so asked me for some advice on which recruiters to approach. I had a think and asked around but couldn’t find any information that would help. In the end she approached a recruiter who turned out to be a waste of time. This got me thinking and I decided to set up Recruitment Reviews to help people in a similar situation.

Is it limited to any industries or geography?

The site isn’t limited to any industries or geography, in fact we have reviews from Africa, USA, and Spain already. At the moment however the site will be written in English, I need to start brushing up on my languages before we can provide it in other languages!

What are the benefits to candidates?

The benefits to candidates will be that they can finally get independent and impartial advice and opinions about companies from real people that have had experiences with those companies. At the moment there is no way to access this information and the consequence is that candidates continue to get poor customer service when they can work with a recruiter that will treat them properly.

What do recruiters think of being reviewed?

The response has been great. No threats so far! I think once I speak to recruiters and explain that the site is a place for constructive feedback and advice and not a platform for unfounded criticism then they see the benefits. I want to work closely with the recruiters and encourage them to seek feedback via our site as I think this can really help them to improve the service they offer and help the recruitment industry as a whole.

What recruiters seems to fare the best/worst?

There haven’t been a huge amount of bad reviews which some people may find surprising! There seems to be a slight trend in that smaller companies fair better than some of the larger recruitment companies. I won’t name any names but I’m sure people can find the reviews with a few quick searches!

How can you control that the reviews are authentic?

We take the authenticity of the reviews very seriously and we monitor every review that is posted. We capture IP addresses which allows us to look for any suspicious activity and we also ensure that any reviews that are not constructive and helpful to others will be removed from the site.

Is it a free service?

The site is completely free to use.

Do you have to sign up?

You can visit the site and read reviews without signing up. If you want to post a review we ask for some basic details simply to ensure the review is authentic. The process is fairly painless and we also offer rewards to users when they post reviews.

What does the future hold for Recruitment Reviews?

We are currently redesigning the website and are planning a big launch in the press in the next month or so. After that we will be working hard to spread the word and encouraging recruitment companies to work with us to improve standards across the industry. Maybe we can even dispel the myth that all recruiters are money grabbing mercenaries!?

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Oliver was born and bred in Manchester and studied Law at University. On leaving uni he stumbled into recruitment and has since worked for a number of companies. Follow him on Twitter @Urps.

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