If a high rate of employee turnover is a problem for your business, it’s time to start assessing what you can do to keep hold of your best staff. Top talent are high in demand, so if you don’t provide them with a reason to stay at the company, there’s no reason why they won’t look elsewhere!

Though people sometimes make the decision to leave because of personal reasons that are beyond your control, there are a number of factors that you can take into account to improve your employees job satisfaction, ranging from the workplace culture, to the opportunities available for career progression.

We asked the Undercover Community for #UROpinion on how employers can improve employee retention and here’s what you had to say:

Individuals are worried today more than ever before about the marketplace uncertainty and the impact it has on their employment and their families. Social media has exploded, and many people are worried about losing the human interaction in doing business. Those are a couple of scenarios. We can think of plenty more, but you get the picture. The common denominator in all examples is worry. When a company reaches out to its employees, leadership is taking an active role towards the future of its staff. Transparency is vital. Giving employees information about the organization and where they stand shows them that they are valued and respected.


“Team work, empowerment, make sure they have a good leader! Leadership style is important on this matter. On the other hand top management should not be static.”

Erica (@LusherErica) has two pieces of advice:

The Clear Company (@theClearCo) think employers should know their employees more:

Jennifer Martel

Administrative and Learning Support Officer at Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology

“Treat them fairly, offer them opportunities to professionally grow, listen to their concerns, put them in charge of something, pay them adequately…and many, many more.”

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