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One of the hottest job markets at the moment is the world of social media. At the most recent Social Media London, we had Cloud Nine Recruitment speaking. He recruits people to do social media marketing for both agencies and companies around the UK and internationally, and he is always happy to share his best ideas to candidates. Here are some of the tips from the evening:

What defines a good career search…?

Steve listed a number of elements to a good career search and some of them are: standing out, being relevant, staying creative, having the right knowledge, being communicative, have the adequate experience and be suitable for the role and the company.

Really creative case studies of successful social media candidates

4 common denominators of successful job searches:

  1. Creativity – how is your social backbone? Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook profiles, what do they say? Are they effective and is the message loud and clear?
  2. Connectivity – who do you need to be connected to? Listen, talk, read, connect, ask, meet, coffees, find industry leaders, comment and share.
  3. Communication – are you talking with the right people effectively? Don’t be afraid, communicate positively, become intately visible, be generous.
  4. Authenticity – be transparent, be honest, be enthusiastic and above all be YOU!

Steve’s slides from the evening:

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