As a recruiter, you spend a lot of your time out meeting clients and candidates. Where some meetings may be held on a more formal basis than others in terms of the location or time of day, the same goes for variations between industries and different expectations within them.

This can all create a bit of confusion about what you should wear, because you wouldn’t want to risk turning up underdressed, however a suit may not be suitable for meeting somebody from a laid back start up. So how should you dress for your client meeting? have put together this infographic outlining the best way for dressing for different scenarios.

When is laid back suitable?

  • Start ups and tech companies generally have a pretty casual dress code, so it probably isn’t necessary for your to dress too smartly.
  • If your clients dress code is quite laid back, try wearing something that is “start up smart” aka smart casual – avoid trainers, but a suit may look out of place.
  • Overdressing could make your client feel uncomfortable, so try to match your choice of outfit.

When is conservative suitable?

  • Well-established companies and large corporations will usually have a more formal dress code.
  • If your clients work attire is a suit and tie, then it is important that you dress smartly and professionally.
  • Matching their level of formality will prove that you are serious about doing business with them and that you are professional.

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