Looking for the perfect candidate can be a long and strenuous journey. Job roles can attract thousands of applicants, and it’s disheartening when not even one makes the cut. Job specifications and advertisements are typically boring documents with lots of buzzwords and cliches, but some brands have been turning this on its head and creating incredibly fun and creative recruitment adverts, that attract the right people, and also show off your brand as a fun, innovative and creative place to work. What more could you want!?

I’ve put together some of my favourite innovative adverts and sussed out what makes them work.

1. The fictional character job description:

Alkemy is an italian digital agency who used this advert to look for their next employee – the ‘person who doesn’t exist’. They used images of recognisable fictional characters such as Wilson the football to reflect exactly who they are looking for.


2. The tattoo-artist-test:

In this advert by a German tattoo parlour, there was an empty QR code left for the applicant to fill in, in order to access the job application online.


3. For problem solvers only:

This clever job advert was used by Microsoft when recruiting new Software Developers.


4. The high impact statement:

McDonald’s cleverly used this statement to grab peoples attention, as then explained the ad in the small print. They don’t hire these people… because they hire individuals… clever!


5. Breaking the drunk language barrier:

This advert is probably one of my favourites, and uses phonetic spelling to puzzle the reader.


6. A sly dig…

In this recruitment advert by Apple, they made a sly dig at their competitors!



7. Worthy coding applicants only:

Flickr decided to hide a link to its job postings for coders somewhere only worthy coding applicants would ever find it—inside the source code of its website.


8. For scientists only!

This quirky advert for included another piece of coded text…


9. Life’s too short:

These cool public adverts used vinyls to advertise jobs in Germany.


10. A bit of humour

Capture candidates attention by making reference to current events and adding a bit of humour to your ad.



Main image credit: Shutterstock

About Ruby Lowe

Ruby is a Senior Account Executive at Link Humans in London.

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