All Systems.ie produced this infographic that provides interesting facts regarding workplace anxiety. The infographic shares some useful tips on how to create a stress-free workplace. Work-related stress is the response people have when presented with work demands not matched to their skillsĀ and which challenge their ability to cope.

Help eliminate stress-causing factors at your workplace, follow these tips:

  • Identify the hazards
  • Assess the risks
  • Eliminate the risks
  • Contain the risks
  • Protect from the risks
  • Monitor the risks


  • Two in five workers say that their job is very or extremely stressful.
  • Anxiety and stress are the most common reasons to be off work because of illness.
  • Office environment can dictate the atmosphere at work.
  • Office Personal touches such as family pictures can make a work environment a stress-free one.
  • Download smartphone apps to help with anxiety, such as Breathe2Relax and Worry Box
All_systems_-_IG_Sept-_Stress_in_the_Workplace (1)

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