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If you’re looking for some sound career advice from the professionals, it’s probably best not to watch Peep Show. With the two main characters painfully trudging through life with some questionable career tactics, they may not be the best role models for your own career. However, if you look very closely (I’m talking extremely closely), there are a number of sound pieces of advice that we can take from our favourite duo, the El Dude brothers. Read on for some career Do’s and Don’ts from our favourite guys from Peep Show!

1) DO make sure you sign off important emails correctly.

There’s nothing worse than signing off an important work email with ‘xoxo’.

2) DON’T bring in couscous for lunch.

No matter how appealing Ainsley Harriet looks in the rice & grains aisle, it’s always going to taste like misery sand.

3) DO have fun at work.

But don’t take it as far as pinning sausages on the door of an important manager.

4) DO make sure you’re wised up to the office bad guy:

5) DON’T bring your illness into the office.

You’re not a martyr for coming in sick – you’re a bug who’s infecting everyone else.

6) DO remember that everyone has bad days.

They’re natural, and you will get through them.

7) DO take lunch break.

It’s the best time to have a stroll and get you focused for the rest of the day.

8) DON’T ignore problems.

If something’s not going well, face up to it.

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