The Recruitment Unconference #trulondon is back for the third time, once again with a slightly different and evolving format, spread from the 16th – 17th Feb. It’s all unorganized by the recruitment dynamo that is interview with him here).

Bill says participation is restricted to strictly 100 attendees. Once the tickets are sold, there will be no more available so you best get booking soon if this tickles your fancy. The reason for the cap is to ensure that all tracks are manageable and do not turn in to long-winded presentations.

The deal is that all tracks (themes you could say) will run to one hour, though there is the opportunity to continue the conversation in one of the secret track areas if more conversation is wanted or needed. There are 24 track leaders hosting the tracks over the 2 days. All track leaders will be recognised as having expertise in the topic area.

There will be 3 tracks per hour 6 sessions per day, 36 tracks in total, with plenty of space for secret tracks.

On top of that, there are 6 case study tracks per day to look at specific success story’s, giving you the opportunity to directly question and discuss real success story’s. The case study tracks will be repeated on both days to give everyone the opportunity to take part.

As always, you are actively encouraged to move between tracks as you either need or want to.

Scheduled tracks include the old favourites and a few new ones for 2011 including:

  • Social Media Circus
  • New Model Army
  • Technology Shopping List
  • New Skool v Old Kool?
  • Employee Branded
  • Facing Up To Facebook
  • Battle of the Bloggers
  • Secret Sourcing
  • Graduate Recruiting
  • Video Integration
  • Social Learning
  • Referral Recruiting
  • Linking In
  • Global Reach
  • Going Mobile

Confused already? Fore more on the unconference format, check out Bill’s post “Talk to me, not at me

The usual #tru unconference ethos applies, that means:

  • No Powerpoint (But lots of tweeting)
  • No Dress Code (Bill typically sports jeans and a sweater)
  • No Name Badges (Though we have a funky alternative)
  • No Pitching & No Presentations (Leave the cheese at the door)
  • Aside from that the floor is yours!

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