Happy February to you! Hope you have had a good start to the year and been keeping as busy as we have. Here is a wrap-up of January’s most popular posts and upcoming events in February.

January blog posts

21 Useful Ways To Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

21 hands-on tips that you can apply immediately on LinkedIn.
INFOGRAPHIC: What Social Networks Have Most Job Search Activity?

Where is the career action happening? I’ts not where you think.

INFOGRAPHIC: What Happens To Your Resume When You Apply for Jobs Online?

Ever heard of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

How Generation Y Use Facebook for Professional Networking (Infographic)

Is Facebook the LinkedIn of Gen Y?

Personal Brand Statement Examples and Templates 

For anyone working on their personal tagline and in need of some inspiration.

Upcoming events in February

Personal Branding from the Inside Out, 8th of February at St John Hotel in London.
truParis, 9th of February at Adecco HQ in Paris.
Advanced LinkedIn Training for Recruiters & HR, 15th of February at Covent Garden, London.
LinkedIn Training Workshop, 21st of February at Covent Garden, London
truLondon, 22/23 of February at City Hotel, London

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