Interview Tips

You know the drill.

Be on time.
Dress for success.
Be prepared to answer questions.
Know the company.
Be a good listener.
Communicate clearly.

These are all good tips to put into practice before you go in for that all-important interview for the job of your dreams.

However, one thing that is rarely talked about is mental preparation. Getting your mind in gear before the big day is even more important than how you dress or the list of questions you have in your pocket or purse.

A hiring manager will be able to tell at a glance whether or not you are up to the job he wants to fill. Are you calm, focused, able to concentrate, and eager to engage? Or are you nervous, fidgety, self-absorbed, concerned with your appearance, and too shy or too talkative?

Mental Push-ups

To prepare yourself for the time you’re on the hot seat, do a few mental push-ups the night before and repeat them in the morning before you pull out of your driveway.

Push-up #1

Sit still for ten minutes in silence or with quiet music in the background.

Push-up #2

Review your best traits: adaptability, organizational skills, leadership.

Push-up #3

Affirm yourself. I, John (or Mary), am capable and likeable.

Push-up #4

Think positive thoughts. I am the one to fill this opening.

Push-up #5

Release the results to the universe. I accept the outcome for my good.

Dress Rehearsal

Finally, check your mental heart rate. If your mind is pounding with stress, racing with questions, or confused about some detail, STOP and then start all over again with Push-up #1. Stillness is better than any other antidote, medication included.

When you feel confident, clear-minded, and committed to the task in front of you, then you can be sure you are on target for a great interview. You’ll be able to walk into any office and establish a good rapport with the hiring manager within moments.

So put your mind over the matter at hand—the job you want and the interview that can take you there.

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